providing free blogging services for small business

penyediaan layanan  bloger gratis

one of the provision of free blogging services on the internet is

There are several applications or platforms for providing free blogging services that can help you create a blog for free to publish your articles.

Blogger and which you can use for free.

This platform is very flexible to use because you can add various plugins, change themes, and even use your own theme. is a writing platform that you can use for free.
offers a journal sharing platform with a high level of security. is a fairly easy-to-use website to build an attractive site. is a very comprehensive website builder to help you build a website quickly; without coding. also offers website development by drag and drop only.

They offer website development from very simple for new users or
users who are familiar with website development. There are hundreds of professional templates that are for and different from others. This platform has been around since 2003 and was developed by Google through Pyra Labs.

It is one of the most popular platforms nowadays.

In addition, there is a custom domain feature that you can use to create a website using your own domain for free without having to upgrade or pay.

The developers of Postach are the people involved in developing note-taking apps like Evernote.

All you have to do is connect the notes app to You can also make some customizations like themes, additions from other websites, Disqus comments, and the option to use Dropbox instead for saving content.

Unlike the others, doesn't require a login. You can add images by simply dragging and dropping. Tumblr has been blocked twice since 2016 until now.

Tumblr turned out to be an idol in some bloggers. It turns out that some are 'older' than Blogger.

If you look at this, this is not a fully platformed platform because it is also a forum for a community that gives users their own space.

The blogging platform founded by John O'Nolan in 2013 is an open source blogging platform written using the JavaScript programming language.

One of the advantages of this free blog platform is the navigation that is easy to understand even for novice bloggers.

Like WordPress, Ghost also has two hosted and non-hosted services.

You can also use several platforms at once to share the writings or content that you want to create.

Hopefully this article provides useful information.

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