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cara agar mendapat penghasilan dari blog
how to earn money from blog
For those who are still confused about how to pay for pasblog, please visit the website intitutoriao.my.id, yes. just a paid plunge, wkwkwk. Well, this weblog world is one of the most interested media circles, guys. For those of you who may be new to weblogs and are still confused, want to know a simple and up-to-date method. Especially if you are new to blogging, you don't have to be confused to produce writing works. to produce a work is not instant because consistency is a price that is not expensive and you must have the confidence to enter this internet world.

How much do bloggers earn per month?

If concluded, the average income of Indonesian bloggers reaches Rp. 5 million per month.

Those are 15 paid blog templates for wordpress and blogspot. Well, you don't have to worry, sure, it's all here. For those of you who are bored with free templates, you can switch to paid templates. All the templates that I share here are specifically for personal blog templates, yes. Last and not least is that they both need a long process to finally be able to make money from blogs.

Marketplace sites in Indonesia are increasingly popular, growing and growing

Once you've created a membership site, be sure to invest heavily in marketing. For your users, the idea of ​​having a monthly expense can be a big commitment. You have to convince them that your service will be worth their investment. Through the plugin interface, enter your e-mail and payment method, create the required pages, set different levels of membership, and so on.

After preparing the three things above, you can create a weblog account. Then, complete the profile and determine the design so that readers are interested in visiting your weblog. Click here to register for this course free of charge. You just need to create a free account with Udemy to sign up for this course from David Risley.


Paid blogs are usually used by experienced bloggers to create sites or weblogs that can become money machines. Since you are still a beginner, you will almost certainly make some mistakes. So, you have nothing to lose by doing a lot of trial and error on free blogs until you are familiar with blogging terms and how to operate a blog properly. You can publish anything as in a paid weblog. Although the features are very limited, they are capable enough to create a great weblog for you.

  • AMP is an open source project developed by Google with the aim of making web pages more accessible on mobile devices.
  • So, if you want to make money running a blog through podcasts, you need to decide if you don't mind investing in equipment that isn't cheap.
  • There's nothing wrong with doing research or collecting material that you can use as a theme for writing or reviewing weblog articles.
  • For beginners, we recommend that you build a portfolio before offering it to large companies.
  • Now from here we can see that there is something that is obtained when you use a paid blog platform that is also not owned by a free one.
  • If you are in America, the law requires you to certify that you are writing a sponsored publish.

However, paid blogs have many more powerful features to win the competition for visitors from search engines. But it's not impossible to become popular with free blogs as long as you blog according to the rules and have a deep understanding of the blogging world. In general, if your goal is not to make money from weblogs or doing business on-line, then choosing a free blog is the right choice. Selling digital products is a fast and uncomplicated way to make money from a weblog. If you don't know how to make something, consider selling someone else's product.

#2 Earning Income = Getting Site Visitors 

Yes, that's how the Blogger World is, our website is an asset of all what we share for our web visitors. The more visitors come to our website, the greater the chance of making a profit. In quoting profits, not all of it becomes money, but we can also provide useful knowledge for our loyal website visitors. And also we may also be able to entertain through an inspirational word that is meaningful and can be remembered all the time

#3 Therefore, don't think about income before you have 100 visitors per day

If you're confused, you can use the available area name generators as a reference for domain name ideas. In addition to the niche, the name of the area will also determine the identity of your weblog. No problem, Bima, Blogger is good too . Maybe one day, when the blog gets bigger, you can migrate to WordPress like this Juragancipir weblog. WordPress is equipped with various tools called Plugins and you can download them directly for free from the WordPress.org directory. All of this you can enjoy and is very useful for productivity in running a blog activities..
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