Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives Sites 2021

  7 High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Blog

Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives Sites

When you think about monetizing your blog, what comes first in your mind? Of course ‘Google AdSense ‘because it’s one of the best blog monetizing program. Most of the bloggers are monetizing their blog with Google ads. But in terms of approval, adsense policies are very strict and getting approved isn’t that easy especially if you are newbie. Even if Google Adsense approve your application then you must follow their guidelines, their policies are really very strict. Your adsense account may be ban within a second if you break any rule. But Google AdSense is the #1 ads network for publishers you went to make money your website or blog.

Most of the bloggers may be struggling for getting approved on adsense but tired of rejection by Google. If you are one of them who didn’t get approved, banned or not satisfied with adsense earnings. Then there are many alternatives which you can use for monetizing your blog. You may try these top Google adsense alternatives for increasing your revenue.

However many reasons you decide Google AdSense alternative income money. Choosing best affiliate network for your site and read this Topic

Keyword Cost per Click (CPC)
Insurance         $54.91
Loans         $44.28
Mortgage         $47.12
Attorney     $47.07
Credit         $36.06
Lawyer         $42.51
Donate         $42.02
Degree         $40.61
Hosting         $31.91
Claim         $45.51
Conference Call $42.05
Trading         $33.19
Software         $35.29
Recovery         $42.03
Transfer     $29.86
Gas/Electicity $54.62
Classes         $35.04
Rehab         $33.59
Treatment         $37.18
Cord Blood $27.80

The Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords are:


The Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords are:


Best Google Adsense Alternatives site 100% Make Real Money

Looking for you the best Google AdSense alternatives to monetize your website? Make Money real way With AdSense Alternatives sites

Best Ads Networks

         1) Infolinks :


Infolinks Top Adsense Alternative in 2019 Infolinks is one of the best advertising networks for bloggers in terms of ‘In Text Advertisement’. But with time their scope has been vast and it has become more than in text advertising. Now you can monetize your blog with many other formats of Infolinks:

    Inframe – Your browser margins will be filled by display ads.
    Infold – It engage the users with overlay ad unit relevant to user’s interest.
    Intag – It is tag cloud advertising, means this program automatically recognizes the valuable keywords relevant to your content and displays them in the form of tag cloud.
    Intext – In Text ad format scans your content and monetize with best keywords and display the ads when you hover on double underlined keyword.

Getting approval is also easy comparison to Google Adsense.

Final words are ‘Infolinks is one of the top highest paying CPC ad network with easy integration’.

  •     Minimum Payout: $50
  •     Payout Methods: Paypal, Check, Bank wire Transfer, Western Union
  •     Payout Period: Net-45 Basis

         2) Adsense Alternatives  site . is also known as The Yahoo! Bing Network.  It works like google adsense means it is a contextual advertising network which means that advertisements displayed on your blog are based on the actual content on the webpage. By this your readers will see the ads relevant to your content which they are reading. It is not high paying ads network but yes if Google doesn’t work for you then you may opt this advertising partner to earn revenue. You will get CPC revenue according to the bidding of the advertisers.

If you have good amount of traffic on your blog then you will get approval in no time.

  •     Minimum Payout: $100
  •     Payout Methods: Paypal, Wire Transfer
  •     Payout Period: Net-30 Basis

3) Qadabra :


Qadabra Google Adsense Alternative for Your BlogQadabra is another good alternative of adsense. Formerly it was known as AdsGadet now becomes Qadabra. This ad network is purely based on CPM model and also is a self-serve advertise platform. So there is no need to wait much time for getting approved, it approves account instantly or in very less time because they want their users to earn maximum revenue with them. If your blog traffic is low than also no need to worry Qadabra network is a right choice as advertising network. It only takes just 15-20 seconds to sign up and you are ready to go with monetizing your blog.

Qadabra supports Ads Type of, Banners, Pops, Sliders, Rich Media. Right now it has 2 payout options i.e. Paypal and Pioneer. It has also good thing that minimum payout is just $1(via paypal $1 & via pioneer $20) and punctual on paying their publishers without any delay. Their payment frequency is Net-45 Days means your February income will be in your account by 15th of April. According to me this is also a good alternative which you can use for your blog.

  •     Minimum Payout: $1
  •     Payout Methods: Paypal, Pionee, Bank Wire Transfer
  •     Payout Period: Net-45 Basis

4) Viglink :


Viglink One of the Best Google Adsense Alternatives Viglink is different type of affiliate marketing. It converts your almost all outgoing links into affiliate link. You just need to sign up as a publisher on Viglink and they will take care of all these. You just only need to put some pretty JavaScript code provided by them and sit relax. Normal cases if you want to earn from affiliate marketing than you need to sign up on various network and promote on your blog to generate good amount of revenue, right? But Viglink tracks your blog post’s normal links referring to some kind of paid apps, products etc. and then converts into affiliate link so if any user’s will purchase any product you will be paid good % of commission. If we talk about commission, they keep 25% of it and rest 75% goes in your pocket. Isn’t handsome amount ?

  •     Minimum Payout: $25
  •     Payout Methods: Paypal
  •     Payout Period: Net-60 Basis

5) BuySellAds :

BuySellAds Top Adsense Alternative When it comes to earn handsome amount from advertisements on your blog then direct advertisement can be a great option for this. But finding advertisers is not an easy task. But don’t worry BuySellAds is here for selling your vacant advertisement slots to advertisers. You just need to sign up on BuySellAds and they will take 5-7 days to review your application, you will get confirmation mail whether it is approved or not. After approval you can start selling your ad slots to interested advertisers. For now they are providing 4 types of ad format i.e. Image Ads, Text Ads, Text+Image Ads, RSS Ads, Sponsored Tweets.

BuySellAds charges the 25% commission of your amount, for example you sold your 300*250 ad slot in $50/30 days then they will take $12.50 from $50 and rest amount will be transferred to you BuySellAds Account. You can withdraw your earnings twice in a month and minimum payout is $50 and can be made via Paypal. Also you can purchase the ad slots on other’s website from your BSA earnings.

Personal suggestion is to keep the price minimum for start and after getting some advertisers increase the price accordingly. So start selling your empty ad places, ‘Something is always better than nothing’. :P

  •     Minimum Payout: $20
  •     Payout Methods: Paypal, Check, Bank Wire Transfer
  •     Payout Period: On Request

6) Revenuehits :

RevenuehitsHigh Paying Adsense Alternative in 2015Revenuehits also can be a best google adsense alternative in 2015, it is somehow different than other advertising networks as it is CPA (Cost Per Action) based network means it doesn’t pay for impressions or clicking on ads, they pay on actions that user makes. Actions can be anything like, visiting a website, joining their newsletter, sign up on their website or any such information that advertiser requires with the consent of users.

Revenuehits displays the ad based on Geographical location. If your visitor is from USA, then he will see ads from USA advertisers, he won’t be able to see other country’s ads. With this network you don’t require too much traffic to earn, you can also start earning by putting ads from the first day. With CPA your revenue will be fluctuate for sure, you may earn upto $50-$60 at the end of the day, it totally depends on action made by your readers.

Really it is a high paying ad network. Even getting approval is not a tough task you may apply easily buy filling their sign up form, they will b revert back within 2-3 days.

  •     Minimum Payout: $50
  •     Payout Methods: Paypal, Pioneer, Bank Wire Transfer
  •     Payout Period: Net-30 Basis

7) Adversal :

Adversal Ad NetworkAdversal is another good source of income by putting advertisement on your blog which is serving publishers and advertisers since 2003. This ad network is based on CPM (Cost per Impression). You can sign up on adversal if you have minimum requirements as following:

    20-30% traffic from USA.
    50,000 page views per month.
    Blog should be minimum 1 month old and should not have any broken link (they will not tolerate this :P).
    Should have original content, no copy paste acceptable.
    Shouldn’t have any adult content or link.
    Yes of course, last but not the least, your blog should have good layout and responsive design.

If you meet all the above requirements then you are ready to earn with Adversal which is really high paying eCPM ad network, which can be $0.10 to $3.50. Isn’t a good eCPM rate?

Adversal has 3 types of ad formats:

    Banner Ads: 180×150, 200×200, 250×250, 300×250, 216×35, 300×50, 320×50, 468×60, 728×90, 120×600, 160×600, 300×600
    Pop-under Ads: This ad format can get you upto $0.60 CPM rate.
    Ministitial: This ad format display the ad on the center of your website. This is most high paying ad format on Adversal.

It has another awesome feature is 10% commission on your referred publisher earnings. You will earn every time when your referred user will earn by publishing ads.

  •     Minimum Payout: $20
  •     Payout Methods: Paypal, Check, Bank Wire Transfer
  •     Payout Period: Net-35 Basis
So these all are best adsense alternatives in 2019, which you must try. It is not compulsory that if any ad network is working fine with anyone then it will work fine with you too. It totally depends on your blog traffic, your users, engagement etc.

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Please let me know, what other ad network would you suggest as google adsense alternatives, also share your experience which one of the above network worked for you the most ? I am eagerly waiting for your comments. Thanks :)
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