SEO Tips for Beginners 2021: Search Engine Optimization Tips

SEO Basics: Essential Tips for Beginners

SEO Tips for Beginners 2021: Search Engine Optimization Tips
Blogging, SEO, PHP, HTML & CSS, WordPress and some Giveaways. So today I am sharing some search engine optimization basics & tips which will help beginners who have just started learning SEO. Now you all are thinking how to do seo, just read out this article and polish your SEO skills. Ok ok hold down don’t get bored, it is almost finished Lets come up with interesting part of this article.
What is SEO Exactly?

Many of us knows the term of SEO, It stands for Search Engine Optimization means an excellent way of optimizing web page for SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Now question is how to improve seo, Firstly you should keep in mind that your website/blog should be built in a way that your customers/visitors as well as Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) should admire. It is a practice of improving and optimizing your website to increase the visitors through search engines. Don’t think SEO is a game or a cheating tool for getting exposure for your website. It’s an efficient way of communicating to the search engines so they can recommend your website with relevant keywords.

            Best Seo Tips For Your Website

    1. Keyword Planning
    2. SERP Research
    3. Use Google Keyword Planner
    4. Use Google Webmaster Tools
    5. Create High quality backlink
    6. create mobile faster loading pages (AMP)
    7. Use spelling and grammar checker
    8. Use different seo tools for seo ranking
    9. Place your keywords in headlines
    10. Create your website layout clear and fresh
    11. URL address keeps content type and small
    12. Create a beautiful Eye-catching Title tag
    13. Keeps Title Tag Numbers, Dates, Length and Synonyms and variants
    14. Use Title Tag Top seo  keywords
    15. Keeps your meta-description seo keyword related
    16. Increasing Rich Results
    17. Images for SEO
    18. Guest Post
    19. Add Internal Links
    20. Update Old Posts
    21. Feature advance powerfully content post
    22. Keeps Duplicate Content , URL variations, HTTP vs. HTTPS pages, fix duplicate content
    23. Link to new post old post on your site.
    24. Remove slows down photo, html ,other your website
    25. Use seo  keywords in your post images.
    26. Don’t changing your domain name.
    27. Place  HTML Document Outside
    28. Update Pages with Fresh Content
    29. Use Heading Tags Properly
    30. create helpful content
    31. create your posts longer and meaning full
    32. Create always unique content
    33. Keeps  content sharing option
    34. Make blog’s design unique
    35. Optimize old Content

              Your Website Well Optimized?

    • Have you checked, is your website is well formulated & optimized for SEO? May be some of you are thinking ‘Yes’ and some are ‘don’t know’. So let’s check is it really ideal for effective SEO. For this your website must be technically fit. Just have a look:
    • Make sure you have 301 redirects for your website to redirect the non-www URL to www URL otherwise search engine crawlers will treat as duplicate and will count 2 Domains. Of course this is not good for SEO.
    • Ensure that your website loads quickly, you can test it via Google Page Speed Insights.
    • Install Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools on your website and keep eye on all these aspects and if found any crawl error, don’t take much time and quickly resolve them.
    • Install sitemap on your website for providing proper map of URLs, so search engine crawlers can crawl in a better way.
    • Manage Robots.txt file, it gives crawling directions to the search engines that which URL/Webpage need to be crawl and which should be ignored.
    • Make sure your website page URLs are well structured. You should use all the lowercase for the URL and use dashes (-) instead of underscores (_). Search engine treat all words separately and also together when dash (-) is used in URLs. So you must use proper structure and also can maintain primary keyword in this.

             What is the role of Keyword Analysis and Keywords?

    Keywords are the phrase or terms which users search for, and search engine lists the websites which are related. Yes keywords are very important for any website for listed in SERP. But before choosing appropriate keywords for website, it is really compulsory to do a keyword research and analysis. Because it is ‘search terms’ by which your website is going to be show. So think about your keywords as ‘search terms’ that how someone would search about this information.

    It is advisable that use your important keywords in page header and title tag these are most important spots for putting your keywords. So be strategic for planning your key terms, don’t put ridiculous amount of keywords in web page. Search Engine crawler treat as a spamming called ‘Keyword Stuffing’. So try to analysis your search terms as good as possible.

               Website Content Effect The SEO ?

    Yes Of course 100%. Whenever it comes to that website content or article effect the SEO, I would say ‘Yes’. As many of us know that quality content is very important for any website, Content is not only King, even ‘Content is Father of King’.   It is very crucial part for engaging audience and you need to update regularly with fresh and quality content.  So always focus on creating content that is readable and valuable so your readers may engage. Don’t try to fool search engines algorithm otherwise your website will be punished by Search Engine’s Slaps and Kicks.

              Linking With Other Websites

    Linking your website with other popular websites is an easy way to derive the direct traffic to your website. You should personally ask the webmasters of well-reputed sites if they will include a link to your website on theirs. And yes return him a favor, because you know nothing is free in this world. Make sure his/her website should have good reputation because sometimes linking could bring you down and yes buying links will surely get you down when it comes to SEO, so take care of all major aspects before linking.

               Optimize Your Website for Social Media

    You all know social media is great platform for connecting people, same applies on SEO terms.  Now only having a business website is not enough, it’s time to explore the social media for achieving your desired goals. When you share something on your social media group it gets viral and yes you may get targeted audience for which you are looking for. It may be great source for generating direct traffic on your website and most important, all people will come with only interest; nobody is forcing them to use your site.  Some of Popular Social Media sites are:
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